Welcome to My Insulin Pump!

The information contained in this course comes in a variety of different types: information to read, videos to watch and links to other websites. It includes experiences from patients on insulin pump therapy and activities and quizzes to help you understand more about how to manage situations as they arise.

 The course aims are:

  • How to wear an insulin pump
  • Calculating insulin doses
  • Programming your insulin pump
  • Safety issues and managing pump failure 
  • To improve your confidence around diabetes self-management
  • To help you make informed choices leading to better overall health/wellbeing  
  • To improve clinical outcomes (e.g. HbA1c,  hypoglycaemia), where relevant. 

You should always have the support and guidance of your healthcare team when starting an insulin pump. This course will complement that face to face support.  We know that using your insulin pump is a learning process . The comments section below is a great place to share what works for you and to learn from other people in similar situations. Why not take a moment to introduce yourself now. 

If you have any complaints or concerns or would like to offer feedback about this course, then you can leave a comment or you can email us directly at support@mwdh.co.uk. If you cannot access part of the course or if you have any special requirements, then please let us know so we can help facilitate support to your needs. Non-digital versions of this course are also available on request. This course is currently only available in English. 

Before you begin, please complete the pre-course questionnaire. Click below.