Alcohol and Diabetes

Hopefully, you’ve already gone through our Understanding Type 1 Diabetes Course – if you haven’t, the alcohol section is fairly comprehensive in telling you what you need to know. 

In this part of the course we will remind you of some of the key points associated with alcohol and in particular how they relate to young people with type 1 diabetes. 

Most young people have either thought about or had some experience with alcohol. While it’s illegal for you to drink in public, buy alcohol or have someone buy alcohol for you if you’re under 18, you might be able to drink at home with your parents’ permission.

Being allowed to drink can feel like an important part of growing up, but as someone with diabetes, you might need to pay a bit more attention to the effects alcohol can have on you. The Diabetes UK website gives some good information about the effects of drinking alcohol here

To start this section, please click on the topic ‘Is it safe to drink?’ below. 

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